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Streets & Alleys – 2013

I produced each of these one-of-a-kind pieces between March & June, 2013. Although only installed for a short run at the gallery, the opening reception was fabulous and I received lots of positive feedback on both the concept and the execution. I’m thrilled with the results.

The photographs are printed to adhesive vinyl, mounted, and framed within partially deconstructed bike wheels selected for each image.

Thanks to Hashtag Gallery for hosting me, and to Murat Saman for his assistance printing and assembling the work.

All pieces, except ‘Political Tower’, ‘Rusted’ and ‘Parisienne’ are currently available for purchase.  Please contact me to inquire.




Artist Statement:

This series of photographs came about from my exploratory bike rides through back alleys and side streets in the downtown west end of Toronto.  The images are close-up shots of painted garage doors, brick walls, fences, metal siding–old, new, practical, decorative, deliberate and imposed. The unconventional frames are made from old bicycle wheels, gathered from bike shops, which I have partially deconstructed. I find the wheel’s circular form compelling, and also wanted to bring attention to the role of the bike in the city’s daily life, and to the value of the bicycle as a means of transportation.

I had been thinking of a project that would unite my experience as a documentary photographer with my love of bicycles. My involvement in the world of cycling–as founding executive director of the Toronto Cyclists Union, host of CBC radio column Bambrick on Bikes, media spokesperson for cycling issues, and year round cyclist–means that I see the world through the lens of a bike.

Cycling through the city’s unique laneways, I’m inspired by their many layers of colour and texture. These alleys provide more peaceful space in which to ride, and space for an often artful and rebellious, but mostly utilitarian, backdoor life. I hope that these images will serve as reminders of the joy of exploration and discovery in spaces other than the city’s crowded urban streets.

Born and raised in downtown Toronto, Yvonne Bambrick has traveled by bike extensively in Toronto, Montreal and Sydney and in every other city she’s had the opportunity to visit. She is a documentary photographer and was founding executive director of Toronto Cyclists Union (2008 – 2010.) In the summer of 2012, she had a CBC radio column, Bambrick on Bikes, and was instrumental in helping to bring the BIXI program to Toronto. Yvonne has been a regular media spokesperson on cycling issues and led a review of the Ontario Driver’s Handbook to include important pedestrian & bicycle-related content. She is currently writing a handbook for urban cyclists, to help fill the gap in cycling education.

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  1. Unique look to your work, love the concept of the wheel. Congratulations on all the efforts you made to present this body of work!

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