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My book made the Canadian best-sellers list!

21 Apr

I just about choked on my spritzer last Friday evening when I found out that The Urban Cycling Survival Guide had debuted at #6 on the Canadian non-fiction best-sellers list, and at #7 on the regular non-fiction list in The Globe and Mail, and Toronto Star. Took me a while to fully take in the fact that I was officially a ‘best-selling’ author. And while it may not last, it happened.

Let’s just take a moment to consider the awesomeness of a book about urban cycling making it onto this list…  A-mazing – sign of the times! Obviously I’m thrilled - people are picking up the book and I’m achieving my goal of sharing this information. Ride on, ride on!

YB - Bestsellers_ Canadian Non-fiction, April 18, 2015 - The Globe and Mail

Raising a toast with friends at my local in Kensington Market!

Raising a toast with friends at my local in Kensington Market!


What an honour to make the cover of NOW Toronto!

13 Apr

Wow! So as a born and bred Torontonian, and someone who has grown up flipping through NOW magazine, our free weekly ‘what’s happening in the city’ paper, I’m feeling pretty excited and honoured to be on the cover of the 2015 Cycling Special!!

And I wrote the cover story;

Surviving City Cycling:  Author Yvonne Bambrick on why riding a bike in Toronto doesn’t have to be dangerous

While it is a bit surreal seeing your face all over town for a week, I’m thrilled about the exposure this is providing for my new book The Urban Cycling Survival Guide which hit stores across Canada and the US on March 1st, 2015. I wrote this book because I wanted to get it into peoples hands and this coverage is going to be a big help. Almost anyone can ride a bike to get around town – you don’t need special clothes or gear, but you do need to understand how to be part of traffic on two wheels instead of four. My book shares all the information you need to get rolling.

Yvonne Bambrick NOW Cover Apr9_15cycling special LA cycling special LA