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RADIO Column – ‘Bambrick on Bikes’

On May 31st, 2012, I began a new cycling column on CBC Radio One’s Here & Now afternoon program. I recorded the column weekly throughout Bike Month, and continued on a bi-weekly basis for the rest of the summer.

Links to each show are posted here and also available in the CBC Here and Now online archive.

  • Tuesday May 31st‘Should cyclists be licensed?
    Should cyclists be licensed? In her inaugural regular feature on Here and Now, cycling advocate Yvonne Bambrick tackles that thorny question.
  • Tuesday June 5th – ‘Bloor St. bike lanes & Bike Month events
    Thousands of cyclists took over the Don Valley Parkway and Gardiner Expressway this past Sunday, for one of the city’s biggest bike celebrations. The Becel Ride for Heart raises money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. But it wasn’t the ONLY event for cyclists. It’s Bike Month. And not ALL the events involve actual riding. Some involved speaking out. For instance, cyclists are concerned that that some bike lanes are in jeopardy from City Hall. And they want something done about it. Joining Her and Now to explain WHAT they want done was our cycling columnist, Yvonne Bambrick.
  • Tuesday June 12th – ‘The fight to save Jarvis St. bike lanes
    Cycling expert Yvonne Bambrick explains what she believes was behind the decision to remove the Jarvis St. bike lanes – and what cyclists are doing to preserve them.
  • Tuesday June 19th – ‘Review of Ontario Chief Coroner’s Report on Cycling Deaths
    Cycling advocate Yvonne Bambrick takes us on a ride through yesterday’s coroner’s report on bike deaths, and comes up with some surprising observations.
  • Tuesday June 26th – ‘Velo-City Global – reporting from Vancouver
    Toronto’s not the only city in the world struggling to accommodate the needs of cyclists – as well as drivers and pedestrians – on roads that are busier than ever. But some cities seem to have travelled further down that path than others. Our cycling columnist Yvonne Bambrick, phones in from Velo-City Global, the world’s largest international cycling planning conference.  (
  • Tuesday July 10th – ‘Bike on Bike Etiquette
    Our cycling columnist, Yvonne Bambrick, drops by with a message to her fellow riders: Can’t we all try to get along?
  • Tuesday July 24th – ‘Cycling Collisions & Riding Safe
    With the growing number of people riding bikes to get around, are Torontonians also getting into more on-street collisions? The most recent numbers available from the city say – not necessarily. Our urban cycling columnist Yvonne Bambrick tells us who’s getting into crashes – and why.
  • Tuesday August 7th ‘Bikes, High-rises, Parking by-laws & Streetcar Track Safety’
    Our cycling columnist Yvonne Bambrick tells us what the city’s doing to determine whether there’s adequate bike parking in the city’s high-rises, and how to stay safe on streetcar tracks.
  • Tuesday August 21st – ‘Getting started commuting by bike & Response to PWIC Chair’s proposal to ban bicycles on Wychwood’
    Streetcar tracks are just one of several hazards that cyclists face every day. And that NEW cyclists have to be aware of. Joining Here and Now to talk about how to SAFELY make the transition from two feet…to two wheels…was our cycling columnist, Yvonne Bambrick.

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