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Connecting Community in Kensington Market

31 Mar

This week marks the start of my new role working with the new-ish (late 2010) Kensington Market BIA as their first Coordinator. I’ll be working with the community on a number of area projects (graffiti/murals – (possibly) a farmer’s market that complements rather than competes with local green grocers – BIA website – On-street bike parking – public seating – …), and will continue to serve as Coordinator of our now 8th season of Pedestrian Sundays, alongside Shamez Amlani, and with the help of several new BIA volunteer board members. There will be many opportunities to get involved in this much loved community celebration and I’d love to hear from anyone who’s keen to come hang out and help out!

Our annual Pedestrian Sundays Community Meeting (6:30 to 8pm) is coming up in late April (date TBC).

Follow @pskensington and join our FB Group for updates about upcoming street events in the market.

Really excited to now be working even more closely with my favourite neighbourhood in Toronto!  More info soon.

Random acts of kindness: $ for cycling

4 Mar

Darren at Toronto Cranks posted on March 2nd about a kind female senior citizen who was handing out sweet letters, which included a monetary gift, to thank fellow citizens for riding a bicycle.  I am truly moved by this story so thought I’d share it here.

This woman’s simple and hands-on philanthropic gesture thanking random cyclists is genuinely touching, and about as unexpected to most as the ‘Thank You’ cards given by bike riders to considerate drivers were back in ’09. Random acts of kindness will never cease to amaze me – this one is timely and unforgettable and will continue to make my heart a little lighter for years to come.  I would love to meet and thank her personally , but no news yet on who she is.


There’s also of course the obvious juxtaposition of this gifting $ to cyclists, with the recent refunds doled out to ‘Ford Nation’.  I doubt I need to explain the relative impacts on roads, public space, health costs, environment, of cars vs. bicycles…  When it comes to our municipal piggy bank however, cycling & walking makes deposits into the community coffers, whereas driving makes withdrawals.  Anything that recognizes this, encourages more cyclists, and in turn more ‘sound collective health/environmental/fiscal policy’ should be applauded!  This woman’s kind & thoughtful gesture certainly qualifies.

Looks like other folks agree – the story has also been picked up by Torontoist.

Larger discussion here about subsidies, tax rebates, and the like for cyclists (opens big can of worms…) – any thoughts?

Smart Living by Bike – Momentum Magazine gets a Re-design!

3 Mar

Looks as though the ladies at Momentum magazine have done it again!  Their 50th issue was launched on Mar 1st with significant rebranding – both the mag and website are looking hotter than ever.  The cheeky cover shot certainly helps.

Great new logo!


In addition to my appreciation for the hard work and finished product of the amazing Vancouver-based Momentum team, I’m also happy to have been included for comment in one of their feature articles, This is the Bike Lifestyle, alongside friend, colleague and ‘bike-lifestylist’, Eric Kamphof from Toronto’s Curbside Cycle, and NYC Streetfilms Director of  (awesome!) Video Production, Clarence Eckerson Jr. 🙂

My bike is looking good in this pic! Got it from Eric's shop - the guy to my left.





Reporting: International Women’s Day – Film Screening and Panel Discussion

2 Mar

What: International Women’s Day: Film Screening and Panel Discussion – ‘The Journey of Feminism’
Where: The Law Society of Upper Canada at Osgoode Hall
When: March 1, 2011

In recognition of International Women’s Day on March 8th, the Law Society of Upper Canada, in partnership with the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic, the Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund, the Ontario Bar Association and the Women’s Law Association of Ontario, hosted a well-attended documentary screening, panel discussion & reception at Osgoode Hall.

The evening began with the screening of the documentary, Constitute! which explores the largest social mobilization of women in Canadian history and shares the stories of female activists who fought for stronger equality provisions in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Following the screening, a panel of feminists, including those involved in making the documentary, were on hand to discuss the vitality of the movement in Canada – both now and in the future.  Moderated by Professor and Law Society bencher Constance Backhouse, featured panelists were Clara Ho, Staff Lawyer, Advocacy Centre for the Elderly; Linda Palmer Nye, Constitute! film subject; Marilou McPhedran, Principal, Global College, University of Winnipeg and Constitute! film subject; Julie Lassonde, Lawyer; and Mehrak Mehrvar, Gender and Governance Specialist, International Development.

The panel concluded with a recap of what continues to energize the feminist movement; its diversity, inclusivity, expertise, hard work, fun, courage, and camaraderie.  The wine and cheese reception featured a live jazz duet, and some 60’s style sing songs fit for a feminist gathering sung beautifully by Linda Palmer Nye!

* Yvonne Bambrick is an Urban Cycling Consultant and a Toronto-based Event & Portrait Photographer. Cross-posted at

(* I’ve just joined the Precedent Magazine team to shoot & report on local lawyer-type events that will be featured on their site