Smart Living by Bike – Momentum Magazine gets a Re-design!

Looks as though the ladies at Momentum magazine have done it again!  Their 50th issue was launched on Mar 1st with significant rebranding – both the mag and website are looking hotter than ever.  The cheeky cover shot certainly helps.

Great new logo!


In addition to my appreciation for the hard work and finished product of the amazing Vancouver-based Momentum team, I’m also happy to have been included for comment in one of their feature articles, This is the Bike Lifestyle, alongside friend, colleague and ‘bike-lifestylist’, Eric Kamphof from Toronto’s Curbside Cycle, and NYC Streetfilms Director of  (awesome!) Video Production, Clarence Eckerson Jr. 🙂

My bike is looking good in this pic! Got it from Eric's shop - the guy to my left.