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PHOTOS: End of an Era – La Palette closes Kensington location

22 Nov

Sunday November 21st marked the final day of business for La Palette, my favorite place in Kensington Market, and the space through which I’ve had the pleasure of helping to coordinate Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington since 2004 with owner Shamez Amlani.

Close friend of the restaurant, Michael Louis Johnson put it best – “Goodbye La Palette in Kensington. You were more than a restaurant, you were a pirate ship. You gave jobs to talented artists, you helped a neighbourhood re-discover itself, you opened a little trap door from which we could escape this drab world of concrete and digital white noise. I can’t possibly count the number of deeply human experiences I’ve had sitting in the warm glow you created. Thank you.”

I didn’t get any pix of myself dancing on the bar for the first and final time on Saturday night (!!), but I did photograph the people and performances from Sunday night.

While the original location is no more, thankfully we still have the new La Palette on Queen St. at Portland!!

Thank you to Shamez & Maria, and all the amazing staff that have come and gone over the years, for making La Palette so special for so many. xo xo

Dufferin St. ‘Bike Lane’ – except when there’s a bus.

20 Nov

Pretty sure this is not where the bus stops… maybe I’m wrong but I think the stop is on the South-West corner of Queen.  I took these photos on the NW corner of Dufferin/Queen St. W.

I watched two Southbound Dufferin buses drive the full length of this, admittedly very short, very new, bike lane. Do TTC drivers get retrained for major street modifications like this – now that the ‘Dufferin Jog’ has been eliminated?

No need to drive in the bike lane here – is it arrogance or ignorance? New street configuration or not, bike lanes are for cyclists, not buses. Surely that is part of TTC driver training.


PHOTOS: Launch Party for ‘Local Motion – The Art of Civic Engagement in Toronto’

17 Nov

Despite the seriously foul weather that hit Toronto last night, it was a full house at the Lula Lounge for the ‘Election Hangover Party’ that launched the final book in the Coach House Press uTOpia series.

Local Motion – The Art of Civic Engagement in Toronto, presents an in-depth analysis of civic engagement in Canada’s largest city. Decisions about the things that matter most on a daily basis happen at the city level. So, how do we influence these decisions? What motivates ordinary citizens to take action and improve their community? How do neighbours organize together? Does City Hall facilitate engagement, or stand in the way? Local Motion explores how we, as citizens, can make a positive change in our city.”

My event photos can be viewed here.

So who’s this Bambrick person?

14 Nov

Welcome to my online business card / occasional blog.

I’m in the process of developing an independent consultancy (more on that soon), but in the meantime here’s some information about a bit of what I’ve been up to since moving back to Toronto from abroad just before the 2003 Blackout.

I’ve most recently served and stepped down as the Director of Communications & Events, and Founding Executive Director of the Toronto Cyclists Union. As one of the key coordinators of Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market, a former Community Advisory Board Member / Photographer for Jane’s Walk, the original ‘Community Animator’ at the Centre for Social Innovation, and a Director on the Kensington Market Action Committee, I’ve been an important contributor to some of the most exciting sustainable urban transportation / transformation projects to emerge in Toronto since 2003.  As a published photographer, I’m often found with a camera in my hand, and am equally comfortable conversing in French or English.  I’m a year round cyclist and love my home town Toronto!

Here’s a piece from City TV with a bit more info on me/my recent work.