Dufferin St. ‘Bike Lane’ – except when there’s a bus.

Pretty sure this is not where the bus stops… maybe I’m wrong but I think the stop is on the South-West corner of Queen.  I took these photos on the NW corner of Dufferin/Queen St. W.

I watched two Southbound Dufferin buses drive the full length of this, admittedly very short, very new, bike lane. Do TTC drivers get retrained for major street modifications like this – now that the ‘Dufferin Jog’ has been eliminated?

No need to drive in the bike lane here – is it arrogance or ignorance? New street configuration or not, bike lanes are for cyclists, not buses. Surely that is part of TTC driver training.


4 thoughts on “Dufferin St. ‘Bike Lane’ – except when there’s a bus.

  1. This is not the finest moment for the TTC. With all the talk of better customer service from its employees, someone has forgotten “customers” include cyclists, who may be boarding buses like the one in the shots. The Community Liaison Officer, Lito Romano, should be made aware of this. His contact info is lito.romano@ttc.ca .

  2. I haven’t taken the Dufferin bus in some time, but the photos seem to show the doors opening, and people getting off the bus?

    A bike lanes may be for bike traffic exclusively, but like any other traffic lane, buses merge to the curb at bus stops to let off passengers. If the place where the bus has stopped in the tunnel is not a bus stop, then it’s odd they have pulled over to the curb to drop off passengers.

  3. IIRC, this is what buses do on Harbord, too.

    • yvonnebambrick

      Hey Aylwin – on Harbord that’s what they are supposed to do. The thing about this scenario is that the buses are simply ignoring the bike lane entirely, and in this case, letting passengers off where there is no bus stop… the stop is S of Queen. The bike lane ends on the N side of Queen so there is zero reason for them to drive in it at any point – that’s the annoying part.

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