Working the layers – winter cycling in full swing!

We woke up to -15 with windchill in Toronto this morning, and although the roads are dry, it’s understandable that this would put some folks off riding to work.

Not me my friends! Years of outdoor play and Canadian-ness have taught me a few things – the layering of clothing being one of the most important.

Today’s suitably warm, but still stylish, outfit includes the following;

Website image - winter cycling legs Layers for winter cycling Jan_13INNER Layers:
Wool socks
Leggings (tucked into socks)
Stretchy skinny pants
Long tank-top that covers my rear
Thin wool cardigan (over tank)
Thin fleece vest (over cardigan)
Thin long-sleeve cotton zip top (over vest)
Silk neck scarf

OUTER Layer:
Thick doubled up wool scarf that covers bottom of my face
Thigh-high wool leg-warmers
Thin/flat ear muffs
Thick wool hat over ear muffs
Thin inner (cotton blend) gloves
Thick/windproof outer mittens
Stylish wool coat with tall standup collar
Warm Sorel boots with felt lining.

TIP: On days this cold, I find that having the thin gloves under my mitts allows me to more easily lock up my bike.  I can remove the mitten and still have enough protection from the cold to use my fingers for fumbling around with keys & lock.